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Your child will not be considered registered and will not be permitted to participate in class until Dance Tuition and applicable fees are paid in full or with post-dated cheques (see payment options below) and a Registration Application and Medical/Waiver form have been completed.

All arrears from the previous term must be paid in full prior to registration for the following term.





Following is a layout of the fees you can expect to pay this year:


Term 1:

Class Tuition (varies depending on length of class)

Membership Fee ($35.00 per family) 


Term 2:

Class tuition (varies depending on length of class)

Recital Fee ($35.00 per student, includes 1 adult ticket voucher)

Recital Costume Rental (varies depending on costume, approx. $10-$25/costume)





A ten percent (10%) discount will be given to students who register for more than one class per term.  This discount includes students who take classes at two or more branches of NDS.


A five percent (5%) discount will be given to each student from families with two or more children registered at any branch of N.D.S.


If both discounts apply, both will be given.





Class Tuition (varies depending on length of class)

This is the core fee, which covers teachers wages, rental of the dance space, cleaning and maintenance of the dance space, dance equipment (barres, mirrors, props etc), class materials (Cds, class syllabus etc).


Membership Fee

A Membership Fee of $35.00 will be charged to each family annually.  This fee is added to your first term registration.  Students who join NDS second term will be charged a reduced membership fee of $20.00. This fee is applied toward the cost of the Parent Handbooks, handbook supplements, newsletters, mail-outs, notices, e-mails and call-outs we do each year.



Recital Fee

A Recital Fee of $35.00 will be charged to each student at second term registration only.  This fee is applied to rental of the theatre facility for rehearsals and shows, sound equipment, sound and light technicians, stage crew, props, backdrops etc. This fee entitles each student to one full-price ticket for the recital of his or her choice. It is the responsibility of the student/parent to reserve this ticket in the weeks before the recital.


Recital Costume Rental

A nominal costume rental fee will be charged to each student prior to the annual recital in June. Because of volunteer help with costume creation and alterations, the rental fee is very reasonable (approximately $10-$30).   Rented costumes are the property of Nova Dance Studio and must be left in the dressing room following the Recital.  You will be billed for costumes or pieces of costumes not returned.  Some students will be required to purchase some or all of their costume; in this case, the student owns the costume.

Costume rental fees are not charged to parent volunteers who substantially assist with costuming.





Forms of Payment Accepted:

Cash, Cheque, Money Order and Visa/MasterCard

(Visa/MC transactions are subject to a 3.5% service charge)

All post-dated cheques must be submitted before student is considered registered.

Please make cheques payable to Nova Dance Studio


Payment Option #1:

Tuition paid in full on Registration Day.


Payment Option #2:

Divide tuition into two (2) payments. First payment due immediately (cash, cheque, or Visa/MC) and second payment (cheque) must be dated for October 1st or November 1st, or December 1st. 

Please add $3.00 administration fee.


Payment Option # 3:

Divide tuition into four (4) payments.  First payment due immediately (cash, cheque, or Visa/MC) and subsequent payments (cheques) dated for October 1st, November 1st and December 1st. 

Please add $6 administration fee.


NSF CHEQUES are subject to a $20.00 administration fee.  After two (2) NSF cheques you will only be permitted to pay using cash, money order or Visa/MC.




The NDS Scholarship Program was put in place to assist students who, due to financial limitations, would be unable to continue their dance studies in one or more of their classes.  Students who are in this situation may now confidentially obtain a scholarship application form from the Administrator or a teacher.   


There are a limited number of class positions set aside for the scholarship program.  Applications will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.  Students who receive full or partial scholarships must re-apply each term to determine if they are still eligible.





Students who withdraw after the first class of the term will be granted a full refund of remaining classes, less a 10% Administration charge.


Unless a student has a valid medical reason (supported by a doctors note) as to why he/she cannot continue with dance classes, a refund will not be granted after the second class. 

Where a valid medical excuse is provided, a refund of remaining fees may be issued.





Attendance is taken at each class.  Good attendance is imperative as absences and tardiness can hold back an entire class.  Please make significant effort to have your child at every class. 


If your child will be absent from class you are asked to call the studio to inform the teacher and to inquire about any missed notices.


After three unexcused/unexplained absences in a term the students placement in the class may be re-assessed.


Attendance in the weeks prior to the annual Recital is vital.  The students will be working hard on stage placement, cues, and choreography.  In one students absence, another student may be left without a partner and this creates extra work for the teacher and the whole class.  Three unexcused/unexplained absences in the month prior to the Recital may result in a student not being permitted to perform in the show.