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The entire dance year culminates in June when students have the opportunity to showcase dances they have worked on throughout Term 2. This event is held in a theatre facility, and gives students the wonderful experience performing on a professional stage in costume. Participation in the Annual June Recital is mandatory. If your child has a reason why he/she cannot participate, please bring it to our attention immediately as changes made close to the recital date are disruptive to the other students and the teacher. All recital fees paid are non-refundable.





In this Parent Handbook you will find the NDS Dress Code, which indicates the proper attire and hair preparation for each class.  Students must obtain the items listed before a reasonable number of classes have passed. 


Proper attire is important because the teacher must be able to see the students body alignment and ensure that he or she is performing their exercises properly. Also, our dress code makes certain that there is no competition amongst the students with regard to their outfits.


Parents are asked to assist students in remembering their dancewear when they come to class.  Parents should also assist students in preparing their hair properly for class (as described in Dress Code). 




-All classes require a minimum of six (6) students in order to run.

In the case where a class does not have the minimum number of 6 registrants, it may be re-scheduled to a different day and time in order that the class can run.

- In the case where a class is cancelled due to low enrolment numbers, all remaining paid fees will be refunded or credited toward another class of your choice.

- The maximum number of students/class varies depending on average age of the group, the skill level and the dance discipline.





It is not the responsibility of the Administrator or Teacher to supervise children prior to or following their scheduled class time.  For safety reasons students should be picked up from inside the building within ten minutes of their class ending. 




Upon receipt of this Parent Handbook you are responsible for reading and familiarizing yourself with our yearly calendar and general policies.


Notices will occasionally be sent home with your child from class to supplement scheduling information in your handbook.  Please remember to ask your child for notices following their dance class.  All notices and newsletters will be posted on the bulletin board at each studio we advise parents and students to check the bulletin board frequently.





Classes may be cancelled and rescheduled due to storms or severe storm warnings.  If schools are closed in the county where the dance studio is located, dance classes at that studio are also cancelled.  Because our students and teachers reside in two separate school districts (Hfx. & Lun.Co.), a school closure in one area may not necessarily indicate a studio closure in another. 

When classes are cancelled:

  • It will be immediately posted on the website,
  • It will be indicated on the outgoing message at the Head Office:

1-866-303-6682 (toll free) or 275-1476 (in Chester) by 8:30am on Saturdays

& by 11am weekdays. 

If a storm begins after classes have started for the day:

We will send students home when their parents arrive and then follow the same procedures as above to cancel the remaining classes. 


If the weather is questionable, it is always best to call the studio before you leave for class.



Because of the growing size of our student body it is not possible for us to contact each person when classes are cancelled as we have done in the past.  On days that you have dance, we ask that you pay attention to school closures in both HRM and Lun. Co. and call the studio if either is cancelled to verify whether or not your dance class is running.


When dance class is cancelled we will attempt to reschedule the class on the same day and time at the end of the term (we have allowed a number of extra days at the end of each term for this reason).  It may not be possible to compensate for every storm cancellation; however, we will attempt to do so.




In the case of instructor illness or other absence, whenever feasible, a qualified substitute will teach classes.  In the event that a substitute is required, class content may vary slightly.  This gives the students a fresh outlook on the same techniques and should be viewed with open-mindedness. When a substitute is not available, classes that have been cancelled for this reason will be made up on a designated make-up day later in the term.




All items found at the studio at the end of the day will be placed in the lost and found box in the waiting area. Following a recital or special event away from the studio any items left at the facility will be brought to the head office and placed in the lost and found there.

Please call 1-866-303-6682 (toll free) or 275-1476 in the Chester area to inquire about lost items. All items not retrieved at the end of the year will be donated to charity.




  • No street shoes, gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the dance studio. Only clean indoor gym sneakers for Hip-Hop.


  • Please clean up any spills, trash or crumbs from food in the waiting area.


  • Keep all personal belongings in the waiting area.


  • Valuables should be left at home.


  • No jewelry will be permitted in dance class, except for very small earrings in newly pierced ears.


  • Anyone found defacing studio property or disrespecting other peoples property will be immediately dismissed from the studio.  In the case of damages to the studio that require repair, you may be liable & charged for the repairs.


  • Label all dance shoes with students name; they are expensive and look the same! J


  • Remember that the waiting area is not soundproof. Please be mindful of your visiting children and keep conversations at a reasonable sound level.

  • Only staff members are permitted in the office space.


  • The telephone is for emergency use only.



  • No food and/or drink permitted in the studio.


  • No snacks or drinks with high sugar content (chocolate, candy, & gum)


  • No snacks or drinks with caffeine


  • Because breaks are short (sometimes only 5 minutes), snacks must be prepared ahead of time and easily consumed. 


Snack ideas:

Carrot Sticks / Apples / Crackers and Cheese/ Cottage cheese / Yogurt / Applesauce / Salad / Light Sandwich / Rice Cakes / Granola Bar / Fruit Cup


Drink ideas:

Water (preferred) / Sugar Free Juices / Natural Unsweetened Juices


Remember to bring your own water bottle or a cup for water.