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Nova Dance Studio is committed to:

*Providing high quality dance instruction.

*Providing a learning experience for each student that is appropriate for his/her age & ability level.

*Preparing and entering students for examinations, competition & class presentations, where the  instructor believes it to be appropriate to their learning development.

*Providing a safe and healthy environment for dance.

*Keeping an open line of communication between dance parents and staff members.


Each Student must commit to:

*Respecting other students, their parents, their teacher, and other staff members.

*Attending all classes in which they are registered and arriving prepared to begin the class at the scheduled time.

*Behaving appropriately in class and not disrupting their own or other students learning.

*Not sitting down or leaving the studio without permission.

*Staying inside the studio building until a parent or guardian picks them up.

*Bringing their own water bottle (the Studio will provide drinking water for refills).


Parents agree that:

*They will support their son/daughter in their dance studies.

*They will support the Studio in encouraging high standards of dancing, learning and behavior.

*They will ensure that their children attend classes regularly and promptly and honor all commitments, and will provide a clear explanation of any absences by phone, letter or e-mail.

*They will make sure that students are properly clothed and equipped for each class.  This includes hair, attire and shoes (see school dress code).

*They will keep us updated with addresses, phone numbers, or changes in medical information.

*Because there are no breaks between most classes, they will not hold up the teacher to discuss progress, shoes, costumes, etc.  Please direct your questions or concerns to the school administrator in person, by phone, by letter, or by e-mail and she will see that it gets to the intended recipient (see contact page).

*It is not the responsibility of the administrator or teacher to supervise children prior to or following classes.  The studio is a working environment, and teachers must devote their attention to their dance instruction as must the administrator devote her attention to office duties.


For safety purposes:

*Students will not be permitted to wait outside the building for their rides; rather, wait inside the waiting area.

*Students should be picked up within 10 minutes of class ending.

*No gum or jewelry is to be brought into the studio, including watches.

*No smoking is permitted within 30 meters of the front entrance to any of our studios.