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Nova Dance Studio (N.D.S.) opened its doors under the direction of owner Erin Kim Turnbull in September 2001 with "Studio 1" in the Head of St. Margaret's Bay. In February 2002, she acquired the former Chester Dance Studio where she had been Artistic Director since 1996, and it was re-opened as N.D.S. "Studio 2." In September 2002, a third studio ("Studio 3") in Fall River opened and after its first month relocated to the new Fall River School of Performing Arts building.

Since its inception, Nova Dance Studio has produced several very accomplished young teachers and has now attracted an acclaimed professional staff of international background.    


The Nova Dance staff strives to offer quality instruction at multiple levels of Recreational and   Pre-professional training.



BALLET, TAP and JAZZ are our core disciplines at Nova Dance Studio (N.D.S.).

Younger students begin their studies with CREATIVE MOVEMENT before moving on to more intensive training.  Pupils ranging in age from 8 to Adult enjoy HIP-HOP classes at all 3 locations.        Some of our students also study MODERN, FLAMENCO  & CHARACTER/NATIONAL as a part of their curriculum at N.D.S. The Ballet and Tap classes follow the syllabus of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (C.D.T.A.) and where appropriate, students may have the opportunity to participate in examinations as well as local and regional competitions and festivals.  When registration numbers are sufficient and a qualified instructor available, the school may offer classes in such dance forms as Salsa, African, Social, Belly Dance and Step Dance.


About the Canadian Dance Teachers Association (C.D.T.A.)

Founded in 1946, the C.D.T.A. is an organization of teaching professionals, which was formed to promote excellence in teaching and to provide a graded syllabus for students as well as examinations for professional qualifications.  Exams in ballet, tap, or jazz may be offered in the spring for a fee, provided that candidates have fulfilled the necessary requirements.


Levels and Progression:

Students must be able to execute proper technique for each movement to the fullest for their level before moving to the next level. Once the teacher or director has determined that the student is ready, they will then move up to the next level. Some students take several years and others one year, according to natural ability, effort and practice.  Poor attendance will affect a students progression.


Ballet and Tap classes follow the grade levels as set out by the National C.D.T.A. syllabus. Jazz, Hip-Hop, and other disciplines will have a level scheme that is set annually by the Artistic Director to reflect the age and experience of the dancers in each class.


Placement of students into classes is at the discretion of the Artistic Director in consultation with the teaching staff. Ballet students who wish to study Pointe work must fulfill the necessary requirements of age and skill level before they will be considered for such training. At the appropriate time, the school will contact parents of eligible students and a Pointe shoe fitting must be arranged with a professional at BRIO, the local Pointe shoe supplier.